Static IP address for all windows 365 users for one company

Static IP address for all windows 365 users for one company



 Aug 11 2021
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Windows 365 needs to have this capability to help security of accessing external applications, websites, or databases. 

Have all windows 365 users in the same windows 365 business environment to have the same static IP address. Basically, I want to sign up to have all my company users to use windows 365 cloud for their company desktops and to whitelist a static IP to allow access to certain websites for added security.

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Also to use Windows 365 as "jump client" to connect to customers via RDP with whitelisted IP.

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I think my comments in the following article apply here: static IP for instances - Microsoft Tech Community

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We'd use this too.  Often in medical clinics that use EMR (electronic medical records) the clinics require a static IP or the clinicians get frustrated having to enter a site password, then their own individual passwords.  With a org wide static IP we can flag it as trusted and then they wouldn't be hit with that extra layer of authentication.