Optimize for Touch-based devices

Optimize for Touch-based devices



 Jul 19 2021
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There are cases where user might try to access the Windows 365 in a touch-based devices like tablet. In this case, it is recommended during the connection, it check and if the device is a touch based and mouse and keyboard not present, automatically open the Windows in the tablet mode. However, when keyboard and mouse are present, then open it in normal (non-touch mode). This setting should be configurable in the policies (Enable/Disable).

This would be easier for users to interact with Windows when they are using touch-based devices.

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I can absolutely see this happening especially with Windows 11 having such improved touch support. 

In fact, it would be very wise for Microsoft to do this well - autodetecting if a device is using an iOS or Android client, or if the Windows application is running detect if the device is in a touch mode - it'll make executives using iPads happy and would be an elegant setup for Surface users. 

Can't really see a reason not to. Definitely upvoting this idea! 

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