Keyboard shortcuts (Alt + Tab) for RemoteApps

Keyboard shortcuts (Alt + Tab) for RemoteApps



 Sep 28 2021
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Not planned

Not sure if this belongs here, but the idea has to do with RemoteApps published using RDS. Specifically remote terminal server client app or RDP connection.

Currently if remote terminal server client is published using RDS it will not accept windows key shortcuts (Alt+Tab, Win+R etc). This is a major lack of functionality especially for people who are using remote connection as a primary means to do their work. Similar solution developed by Citrix called Citrix Workspace doesn't have this issue.

I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by windows users who use remote connections and have mastered keyboard shortcuts for this feature to be added.

Status changed to: Not planned

Hi @Virgis003 , I'd recommend leaving feedback on the Azure Virtual Desktop Tech Community forum for this.