Control RDP Properties for Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Control RDP Properties for Windows 365 Cloud PCs



 Aug 04 2021
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It would be great if there is a possibility to control the RDP properties similar to AVD deployments. 

This allows administrators a more granular control over the Cloud PC deployments and usage scenarios. 


One example could be that no audio and video should be redirected for a kiosk device. Another option could be that File transfer shouldn't be allowed for people that are frequently roaming.


Thank you! 

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Good shout Patrick!, RDP properties and customisations would simplify configuration. A lot of organisations want to control data. Today you can control most settings in Ent version using Group policy and for the business version using local policy. However, control via RDP properties would be a great addition. 

@KoehlerPatrick - Thanks for the suggestion. As @rymangan suggested, you can do this today via domain-based Group Policy. We are actively investigating adding these controls into Microsoft Endpoint Manager for easier management.

Status changed to: Investigating
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The new RDP to access windows 365 doesn't allow you to stop a user saving their passwords for an auto login. This is not good from a security point of view, especially as users will be logging in from many remote devices.

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More control over access to local client resources from/to Cloud PC via MEM is welcomed.  I am struggling to disable access to the clipboard data(Clipboard redirection) of the local client from the Cloud PC. I used an on-prem GPO, the MEM settings catalog, OMA-URI and even manually added reg key fDisableClip, but can't seem to block clipboard.


FYI the config policy setting in MEM to block local drive access works perfectly but the block clipboard, COM port, plugnplay, etc,  all show errors in MEM  when looking at status of setting.


I think the info pop up when looking at settings in catalog, it mentions blocking clipboard and other settings are for windows insiders only if I recall correctly