Bring my own MSIX apps

Bring my own MSIX apps



 Jul 16 2021
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I would like to deliver my own apps that I already have as MSIX 

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Great idea Stefan! Maybe there is a possibility to add an option to manage MSIX packages / MSIX App Attach via MEM / Windows365 console.

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Its possible today with multiple third parties. However, would be great to see a native feature in MEM.

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Hi folks, creating/deploying an MSIX application through Microsoft Intune is already available today: Microsoft Intune - MSIX | Microsoft Docs.


Specifically, when assigning the MSIX app, you can:

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Hi Christian, Deploying MSIX's as "Line-of Business App" has been around some time in Intune and a lot of organisations avoid the store and deliver offline MSIX's using the Line-of business feature in Intune. What would be great is the ability to deploy as MSIX App Attach, convert from LOB to app attach, deploy from WINGET repo and from WINGET repo to MSIX app attach all from the UI. Might be asking too much here, but if you don't ask, you don't get :smile: 

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