Ability to specify region for each user when provisioning Business Cloud PC's

Ability to specify region for each user when provisioning Business Cloud PC's



 Aug 24 2021
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Please add the ability to provision Business Cloud PC's for each user. This would be an extremely valuable feature and result in generating high demand for this new solution.


The key to performance in VDI/Session-based Windows desktops and apps is keeping latency as low as possible. All other performance requirements in Windows 365 can be adjusted like CPU and RAM. By adding user-specific region control, the new Remote worker's user experience can be optimized by placing each user in the region that corresponds to their primary work location.


So for a distributed workforce, which is very common today, you can optimize the performance of video/audio (the most severely impacted functions) by placing the users virtual desktop as close to the primary work location as possible, thereby reducing the latency as much as possible.


There is only so much protocol and transport optimization that can be done, the key to the BEST user experience is to place users in the CLOSEST region.


This would give Microsoft and its partners an advantage over many competing solutions.


Stuart Jackson

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Adding that there are companies based in the US that have employees all over the world and having a W365 Business VM provisioned in the US will not work for international employees.

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This would also be very useful for us. I'm in the UK, and my first Cloud PC was located in Ireland, which wasn't such an issue as it defaulted to English.


However, my current Cloud PC is located in the Netherlands, so many websites display content relevant for the Netherlands (often in Dutch). Search engines show results from the Netherlands, too. I'm finding I constantly have to switch languages/countries/currencies, which would be frustrating to end users if we roll this out more widely.


Our tenant is based in Switzerland.

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+1 for this feature.


We have a need for Azure AD joined virtual desktops for users in various locations around the world. Having everyone connect to US-based cloud PCs doesn't provide the best experience for those users that located on the other side of the planet - but equally there are some users for whom a US-based desktop is exactly what they need, even though they're physically located elsewhere.


Just want to make it clear that it would be helpful to be able to choose the location for each cloud pc, not for it to necessarily be where the user is located.

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An additional consideration may be that some entities are regulated to only store data in their region and are not allowed to store outside of their country.  There's plenty of examples of this in Canada for instance.

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