Windows 11 continues to install itself after reversal to Windows 10.

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I have attempted to revert to Windows 10 a number of times but Windows 11 continues to install itself on my system.  I have followed all of the instructions found online about how to possibly stop this re-installation but nothing seems to work. Why on earth do you even offer the option to revert to Windows 10 if you continue to stick Windows 11 back on my system.  This is extremely frustrating.

FYI I am uninstalling (or trying to) Windows 11 because I use File Explorer quite often and the menu options are horrible and the scrolling sidebars are even worse.  

Creating a new folder now requires two clicks whereas Windows 10 only required one.  This is not progress.  


The scrollbars are very small and difficult to catch with a mouse.  This is also not progress.

I also don't like the center placement of the taskbar.  I may in time get used to that but the Folder options are a deal-breaker.  I do NOT want this operating system on my system as it makes my job more difficult.  Making my job more difficult was not your intention, correct?  OK, then give me something that works.  Give me my Windows 10 back.  


Or, fix what is broken (because it wasn't before you rolled out Windows 11).

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Hi Scot!

I'm Shawn, I would like to inform you about the Show / Hide Windows Update tool that this website has a guide on with a link to an archived copy of it.


How to Block The Windows 11 Update - YouTube


You may also use the registry as described here to block it :) 

It should provide you a way to block the Windows 11 Update.

Thank you :)


**Please note that this is a not a Microsoft website and should be used with caution

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