W11 Insider Preview Build 22567.ni_release.220225-1325 - File Explorer causes Critical Process Died?

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This is a new one. Opening the File Explorer after a certain period of time, probably like 10 minutes or so, causes a Critical Process Died screen and then my PC has to reset. Has anyone else in the Insider program ran into this?

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I just reproduced this scenario and fixed this situation by uninstalling feature update.

@csadowski I have exactly this issue, had to rebuild and start again, once 22567 installed had the same issue again.  Uninstalled update and paused builds to fix.

I have exactly the same issue. I don't have to wait for a certain period though. The computer crashes as soon as I'm trying to start File Explorer.

@csadowski same thing here. In the previous build right clicking on the start menu icon would make explorer.exe crash. Wonder if it's related.


@csadowski same issue here fwiw but often it crashes immediately upon logon. Sometimes the machine will cycle through green screen crash / reboot / login / crash several times before it stays up.

@dboreham Exactly the same for me - it was one of those cycles that seemed to have corrupted the driver cache and meant I had to re-install completely.  All of the recovery options were useless BTW, only thing I could do was install fresh from a USB.

Idk what exactly fixed it, but I ran DISM restore health, sfc /scannow, and a couple other things and it works now???

@csadowski Same issue here... although the error occurs as soon as Explorer loads.
Seems just about everything else works fine, until you launch Explorer.


Waiting to see if there's a solution that does not involve rolling back or starting again from scratch.

Started with "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth" which did not fix the error.
Did notice one change though, Windows Hello performance, if face not immediately recognized, the following PIN or facial recognition resulted in immediate failure, before the desktop is loaded.


@csadowski I'm interested what the "couple other things" were, since DISM and SFC have not on their own resolved the issue, for me at least?

Cheers, Lawrie

II experience the issue below :

Right clicking the mouse on the start icon causes the main menu bar crash@csadowski 

In frustration, I tried what @UtkanS suggested higher in the thread, removed the previous Feature Update, then the issue is gone, back to normal operation.
Thank you @UtkanS!