Windows 10 Photo Bug? - Image Magnification Issues

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Some Context of Problem
Due to covid, my assessors have requested that I submit my evidence of coursework as attachments, within a limitation of submitting 15 files.

Because some of this evidence has to be screen grabbed, the limitations of copy/pasting them inside a word document would limit the viewable resolution (text heavy therefore lots of small font), as well as word processors default with page breaks, margins etc. Therefore I saved my evidence as .jpgs for reasons explained below.

I purchased screen manipulation software 'Snaggit', to stitch my evidence together to meet the maximum 15 pieces of evidence requirements, whilst also being able to annotate my work, another requirement set by my assessors.

Issues With Viewing .jpgs Using Windows 10 Photos
When my .jpg files were compiled and completed, I was able to zoom in with the Windows 10 Photos app, and scroll with a high fidelity of resolution, back at the end of June 2021 when I last properly revisited them. However due to waiting for the new academic year, my files could not be reviewed until now (October 2021). 

It seems Windows 10 Photos can't magnify up to 100% anymore, or view the files zoomed in to the degree I used to, which has prompted my assessors (who are likely using Windows 10 systems also) to be having the same issue (possibly?), but probably assume an caused at my end, and would not know this might be affecting other Windows 10 computers, if it is.

Windows 10 Photo application issueWindows 10 Photo application issueMay I ask if anyone else is having issues with magnifying .jpgs with Windows 10 Photos, that can't reach 100%, or is anyone aware of a bug with the Photo software? 

Troubleshooting Using Other Image Viewers
I've saved the .jpgs to my Google drive, and can view them at close up without issues using the web image viewer, and have even downloaded software to bring back the previous Windows Photo Viewer (for Windows 7/8), which works fine also.

Uninstalling / Reinstalling Photos App
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Photos app also, but to no avail. Perhaps if the app has been updated recently or the past few months, the update has caused this bug to occur (if it is not just me). 

This issue will really only be noticeable to others if they have a long or large file .jpg file, which is an unusual method of recording evidence.  

Thanks for your patience reading this. 

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Hi @13120919195

I didn't face this issue but there was a similar issue that caused my default Photos app extremely slow. The issue was fixed by installing a free alternative as I shared below:

  1. IrfanView
  2. FastStone Image Viewer
  3. XnView

For the last point, where you mentioned that you've noticed the issue comes with the large JPEG file. I would suggest to use an image editing software before you submit to the assessors, there are some useful features like image cropping and exporting as JPEG compressed format without compromising the quality.