windowas 10 update july 2018 - usb problem created

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Hello. as soon as windows had installed an update at the start of july 2018 one of the usb ports will not now accept my headphones. as soon as this update was installed and computer rebooted this fault came to light. I can't seem to find any way round this and am quite pissed off really that Microsoft can break things from so far away.

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Mine too. After the update my Samsung printer lost the connection to the computer via the USB. The error I got when I ran the Samsung diagnostic was that the usb port was no longer compatible with the printer. In other words the update rendered my usb port too new for the printer. The printer is only a year older than the computer.

I had to install new drivers from Samsung specifically for Windows 10. It still didn't work so then I had remove and add the printer to the computer again, and eventually it started to recognize that it was plugged in.