Will Windows 10 installation on a separate hard drive mess up Debian Buster boot loader in anyway?


Hi everyone!


I have Debian Buster OS installed on a completely separate internal Laptop SSD drive.


And the GRUB bootloader is installed on the MBR (Master Boot Record) of this hard drive.


Now I have bought an external portable SSD expansion drive and want to install Windows 10 on that harddrive. If I select this hard drive while installing Windows 10 on this particular hard drive will the boot loader mess up the GRUB boot loader in any way? If it does what should I do so it doesn't?



Thank you.





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No, man. It will be fine. But you need to press F12 to change your boot priority if you want to change system. Otherwise, the default system will come up every time without asking you to choose a system.
Hope my answer can help you.
If you want to be sure, you can always remove the internal HDD, install your Windows 10 on external SSD and then insert the internal HDD back in.