Move over User data, when reloading or replacing a PC

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In a new consultant role at new customer who needs to replace many PCs.
Some with redirected folders and some (laptops) without. 


I need a solid, efficient and easy way to move over user data, app settings from the old PCs to the new ones.

The guy before me here have run tests with tools from Lablink and ForensIT but did not always succeed and had less than perfect results.
Also they are extremely expensive as price for the licenses we would need is like ½ a years pay.

In case you have suggestions for a tool, that you are experienced with (know is good!) and is simple to use for a big group of supporters it would be a big help.

Thorough testing takes a really long time :\


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For a large scale project like yours User profile Central would be the best choice.

User profile Central is a tool for remote user profile backup and restore over LAN.

 - It simply runs USMT remotely on the clients, stores on network, and controls the whole process :)

I have not tried Laplink or Forensit after we started using USMTGUI, and later User Profile Central, so I cannot tell if they have advantages over User Profile Central. 

With Ehlertech you get a company license and it's much cheaper compared to the single PC licensed alternatives like Laplink and Forensit


Thank you Lars
For the big internal domain PC replacement we are now testing User Profile Central and it is very intuitive.

We need to run some more tests but as User Profile Central use USMT from Microsoft I believe it is well documented.


We have tested USMTGUI for the user migrations to Azure AD on a few PCs (we only move 200 PCs to start).
We have now puchased a license - $300 for the whole company.
With USMTGUI we can migrate user data and App settings directly over to the Azure user account, from within the Azure user.