Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode blog series


Welcome! This blog series helps businesses looking for legacy browser support as they move from IE11 to Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode. Each blog will focus on a different relevant topic to help you in your journey, from what to expect when setting up IE mode to what automated tools are available to help you with the transition.


Blog 0: Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ


Blog 1: Proven tools to accelerate your move to Microsoft Edge


Blog 2: The dual engine advantage of Internet Explorer mode


Blog 3: Host IE mode site lists in the cloud


Blog 4: Modernize security with Microsoft Edge and IE mode


Blog 5: New testing tools and tips to help prepare for IE retirement


Blog 6: New enhancements to IE mode


Blog 7: Don't wait until June 15th! Set your own IE retirement date


You’ll know it’s a part of the series when you see this blue banner on either the blog tile or at the top of the blog itself.




We’ll release these blogs periodically leading up to the IE11 desktop application retirement date of June 15, 2022 and add them to this post, so bookmark or subscribe -- or come back using -- to stay up to date with the latest information.




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