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Cumulative update KB5001330 fails to install


Hello Everyone ! I am getting an error for installing update KB5001330 Windows 10 version 20H2. I have no idea how to fix the issue. I have troubleshooted windows update but it wasn't helpful. I have made 4 back to back attempts to install KB5001330 but failed every time. I am looking for your kind help. The latest update has the same issue we had been facing with KB5000842 in the last two weeks

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How ? Could you please elaborate ?
Mine is not happening. KB5001391 failed again after 2 back to back attempts :(
Did you try the Windows 10 ISO repair/replace that ariqasy outlined in his April 26 post? It worked for me on 1330 and I had no problems with 1391. If you do attempt, be very careful with step B6. When I did it, the appropriate check marks were automatic, but make sure.


Please do not retry a new instance for an update is not Microsoft doing bad updates then your PC has a problem! This is always the case if other third-party software obtains high privileges and does not close all processes because it is necessary!

Is your computer working badly now? If it works well - why do you want an additional update that you do not need?

I completely agree with you. It's not wort to take the risk and waste valuable time :)



Ari & Everyone!

I tried "Step A" in Ari's post with a twist and everything worked and I have all the latest updates with no issues so far. 


I ran the tool MediaCreationTool20H2.exe from the link Ari posted but selected "Upgrade this PC now", was presented with Install Win10Home & Keep your data and apps, which I accepted and let it finish, it took about 5 hrs and after it finished, it downloaded all the following updates w/o a hitch: 


KB4023057 (2021-03 20H2 Update),

KB5001391 (2021-04 20H2 Update Preview),

KB4601554 (.Net 3.5 and 4.8),

KB4577586 (Adobe flash removal).


I really think the culprit all along was KB4577586 trying to remove Adobe Flash, when there was NONE to uninstall, so the updates were crapping out; and for lucky people failing & rolling back, but not for the unlucky ones, thus, wreaking havoc on their machines.


It takes about 4-5 hrs because the "Upgrade this PC now" option will try to troubleshoot as well, so start early in the day.


Thanks Ari for the great detailed steps :smile:

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Hello everyone! Of course, my query concerns the official scenario in which case I have installed pow. without a problem, but I would like to help you understand why so many users have a recurring error! Does Microsoft recommend pausing instances - for a Windows 10 update! because this situation i...

@Jauhar Regarding the KB5001330 2021-04 Cumulative Update for Windows 10.


I have found a solution. For users on Version 20H2, use the MediaCreationTool20H2 to perform an in-place upgrade. Using the Media Creation Tool will download and install the update. The process takes about 1 - 1.5 hours. This will update your computer to the latest update. 

You can use this link to download


I have used this on my personal computer, and it worked. 


My issue was for update 2021-04 Cumulative Update KB5001330 with error code 0x8007000d. 




Have a nice day!



@kr0tki had most of the answer I needed.  In my case, shortly after buying my current laptop about a year ago with Windows 10 Home pre-installed, I played around with dual booting a few different flavors of Linux before finally settling on using vmWare to run Linux Mint as a virtual guest OS.  Pop_OS! for some reason left behind a 72MB EFI folder, which left NO free space on my system/EFI partition.  I removed the Pop_OS! folder, following most of @kr0tki's instructions, and after that the update finished without any issues.  Hope that helps someone else get past this time consuming irritation quickly.


Edit: My error code was  0x800f0922, which I think primarily indicates a problem with the EFI partition not being big enough (or lacking free space) for the update.

Andrzej1 ! I am keen to be updated. After all updates are all about making things smooth and FRANKLY nobody knew that the new cumulative updates will bring mess to our PC,s :(




If I understood the update went smoothly and the computer has the latest update?

Please tell me what you did?

Everyone is waiting for information!

Millions of Windows users some earlier because they forced often unnecessarily update, others later but their computers will be up to date = it is really not possible that everyone at the same time n have the latest stable version of Windows and this is normal!

Making a sensation out of it is unnecessary!


Thank you for the advice Ariq, it worked for me. I used the "MediaCreationTool20H2" (opt. A). Just in case I created new hard drive image using "AOMEI Backupper" before the repair. The entire process took about 2 hours.

Microsoft should take more seriously problems like that, it's more than 2 weeks since the problematic update has been released.


Same, I downloaded the tool from and upgraded windows 10 to windows 10...
Weird but it worked, all updates are ok now. Best to run a disk cleanup afterwards.
This confirms that the problems do not arise from the kb50001330 update - only the computer did not have a full environment to install! Components were missing and the update was retiring to protect your computer from a fatal error!, but there can be many reasons.
From what I've read from all the different websites, looks like, the major underlying culprit COULD BE the Adobe Flash removal update, KB4577586 (Adobe Flash removal).
All the updates since Jan 2021 failed for me and everytime I g**gled, the suspect was pointed out to be Adobe Flash. Looks like if either a user manually/voluntarily uninstalled it or Microsoft updates removed it in one of their Sept 2020 updates, you may run into the 2021 failed updates issues. And since Adobe has removed all traces of it on their site, it's not possible to install it, except from a rogue shady site, to prove this theory. So, like everyone else, I had to execute the MediaCreationTool20H2 to reinstall Win10 from scratch.
But I do have no idea about the missing components. I have been updating cumulative update without any hassle for the past few years and this was the 1st time I met this issue and it is severe actually because I have applied all the methods given by you people under this post but I found no help at all
I Adobe Flash got rid of 2 years ago from all computers!
and for several years I practically do not need to retry updates, on all computers my version of Windows: 19042.964 and really everything works fine. but I care about maintenance personally, maybe this is the reason for good work Windows .
MC claims that the updates failing to install because the OS has been install through ISO image.. YEs I did that two time in last two months and ISO image is an official OS given to us by Microsoft. I always keep ISO image drive in case if I lose OS for some reasons but that is not a crime , installing OS with the help of ISO image......Am I right dear ?
I have currently 19042.928 ( KB5001330 ) installed and I installed KB5001330 after running a fresh OS Windows 10 Home via USB Iso image. So in order to install KB5001391 I have to format my C ( System Partition ) and have to install 19042.631 from the ISO I have in my USB ???? Do you suggest that ?
Don't do anything to your friend! Enjoy the latest version and use Windows, because you do not confirm that it works badly? I can not understand why everyone already need to have the latest version!