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Cumulative update KB5001330 fails to install


Hello Everyone ! I am getting an error for installing update KB5001330 Windows 10 version 20H2. I have no idea how to fix the issue. I have troubleshooted windows update but it wasn't helpful. I have made 4 back to back attempts to install KB5001330 but failed every time. I am looking for your kind help. The latest update has the same issue we had been facing with KB5000842 in the last two weeks

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I almost thought I too had gotten lucky! After reading your post, I tried once again to install. Usually, my update failed at the 20% Install mark. This time, it got all the way to 100%!!
Then I got a message that it "just couldn't" manage to complete!
Oh well, perhaps Microsoft will continue to have their sole software engineer keep trying to fix this.
Good to hear. Maybe the Update Fairy visited your PC last night :)

I'm running the (KB5001330).msu executable directly right now. I have a feeling it's going to fail as many of the previous .msu's failed too. I'm still on Win10H 20H2 19042.685.

What build do you show after the update, 1904(1 or 2).928?
My build shows as 19041.928.
If it's any help, I was on build 19042.867 when I was unable to install the KB5001330 update. With Microsoft remote assistance, I installed Windows full ISO version 19042.631 as downloaded by the engineer and then took on board the latest updates from that baseline. When the process finished, I ended up with version 19042.928 which is (fingers crossed) working perfectly.
I downloaded the msu and it failed. I run out of options :(

I hope Microsoft is dismantled and goes out of business for good, soon, I hope!


I already tried, and I mentioned about it in #1 and #2 in my initial post.

In summary what I tried:

1. From "Windows Updates" - Didn't work.

2. Downloaded the ".MSU" file and tried to install - Didn't work.

3. Downloaded the ".CAB" file and tried to install - Didn't work.


BTW, I give for now, just in case I disabled updated in Windows for 30 days. Many people had problems after the update. I will wait to time when MS will clarify the issue and come with new patch/solution.


Cool. But it's so random that your update was suddenly and finally successful out of the blue. Thanks
Finally, my problem is now fixed. And this is my step:

I suggest that you perform a repair/in-place upgrade.
Follow the instructions below.

A. Downloading the Windows 10 ISO file.
1. Download the tool (, and select Run. You need to be an administrator to run this tool.
2. If you agree to the license terms, select Accept.
3. On What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC and then select Next.
4. Select the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10. (Select the same as the currently installed system on your PC)
5. In "Select which media you want to use", Select ISO file then click Next.
6. Select the download location then click Save.
7. Windows 10 ISO file will be downloaded,

B. Repair Upgrade installation.
1. Right-click Windows 10 ISO file and click Mount.
2. Open/run the Setup.exe.
3. The preparation starts
4. To get important updates, select Download and install updates. (Wait while checking for updates).
5. Accept the terms of the license agreement
6. The installation is ready to be applied, verify the information and ensure that "Keep personal files and applications is checked".
7. Click on Install to start the upgrade.

I hope this helps.
Spot on :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:. Ariqasy post should be pinned if that is possible on this thread as the definitive solution.
Thank You! It worked! At least, I no longer get 1330 as an error, and KB4023057 did install. I admit I was somewhat concerned that the process would wipe out all my data and programs, but your instructions were very clear, and the process provides the proper version AND the checkmark for retaining all information.
I’ve just done a clean re-installation of Windows 10 & I’m still unable to install kb5001330.
Low Quality update...

Microsoft without Bill Gate is rubbish. Window XP was excellent and then Window 7, 8 were ok. Now Window 10 and Microsoft Edge are rubbish. 


I got the same problem with the pc with Enterprise Edition, but the other pc with Profession Edition was ok. I think there must be some scenarios that Microsoft didn't cater for. That's why some pc work and some don't. Both pcs are newly build. I don't bother to try to reset my pc or so as software should not be outdated.


I believe it is the patch problem. It seems they keep pushing the patches out without thoroughly doing the testing and then push another patch to fix the previous problem and got more and more problems.

@Jauhar @ anyone who is still having this problem like I am, I was waiting to contact Microsoft Support again because ya'll said they still weren't helpful, but today I at least got a solid confirmation on a fix.


When I was chatting with an agent today, they told me "John, checking through my resources the issue in regards this KB is actually one that we are aware of and working on it to get it fixed it is actually a glitch and it nothing to worry about."  "However I will need you to also be aware that an update will be release to fixed this issue in the coming week, I will need you to be a bit patient for this update to be rolled out."


Those are direct quotes from my Microsoft support chat, and language barriers aside, they gave me confirmation that a fix will be released in the coming week. Sit tight, and if anything just wait another week or 2 before contacting support, feel free to use the information in this comment when communicating with agents though.


In conclusion, a fix should be released in the next week or so as confirmed by a support agent, I'll attach a screenshot. 

Some good news at last :thumbs_up:

@whiteboyjohn Hello dear ! Yes We a;; having facing issues with previously 2 released updates and MS has released KB5001391 but haven't installed yet. I will let you know when the update is installed. Lets hope for the best.

I just installed 1391 with no problems. However, earlier this week I went through the Windows 10 re-install procedure given on this thread, which also worked. So I have no idea if 1391 is a true fix or installed because of my previous efforts.
Hello everyone!
Congratulations on the number of impressions! I want to pass on good information I have already installed the update KB5001391 on several computers and I must say that it was a trouble-free installation! Previous updates I did not have to repeat anything the first time was always the correct installation! If I had problems i would also look for help Good luck!
Hello! Installing Windows is practically not possible to have one of the latest updates- to be able to come to this is needed a full installation environment, if a component does not have it requires additional time and system diagnostics will detect it and can not install and it is normal!