Cant update windows 10 to version 20H2

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Hello everybody,


Have a few pc's that after trying to update windows 10 from version 1909 to 20H2, via windows updates or using the assistant, after restarting it rollback to previous version (in the case 1909).


I'm tired of search, but can't discover what is the cause!

Did it happens to anyone here? 


Thanks in advance for reading and support

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Hello @srmpinto


I believe you need to check upgrade logs. Refer this support article to get them: 


Once you got these logs, share them here so that log experts can find out the cause and help you to fix it accordingly.


Hope this helps!

@Kapil Arya thanks for your answer.


I send the 2 log files that indicates what is the cause of the issue, since  upgrade fails, and the installation rollback is initiated.



did you use any tool or program on those Windows 10(s) to modify them? like disable built in services, telemetry etc?





Try delete a "Account Unknown" profile and duplicate profile, it work for me.

(do not forget backup before delete)