Windows 10 IoT LTSC Random Freeze

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I'm currently migrating our embedded device using Advantech MIO-3260 single board computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


For the last month, I've been chasing a random freeze issue where the whole systems hang, including ping reply, serial port communication, etc. Our current goal is to generate a crash dump to narrow down what is causing the freeze and hopefully fix it. The freeze happens without specific actions like removing USB, user actions, ethernet action. We've seen multiple freezes without being logged in to a user session.

Edit: We also tried memory, CPU, disk stress tests that did not reproduce the problem. We also have multiples systems having this problem so I don't suspect it to be a specific board issue. 


We tried multiple re-install, update all the drivers. We even developed a small kernel driver that toggles GPIO as a heartbeat and reads one to generate a crash dump but even this driver hangs when the system hangs. We are currently set up using Windb kernel debug and try to reproduce but so far nothing happened after 4-5days. We also reached Advantech and we are apparently the only one in the universe having this issue...


At this point, I'll take any hints, tips or solution path that would help me figure out that issue. 


Do you guys have any idea what might be going on?

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