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I have recovered some old electronics that were working very well with Windows 7 Embedded. Driven by the apparent simplicity of implementing IoTEdge in the documentation and understanding the great potential of joining IoTHub + IoTEdge I got down to work.

After several hours wasted trying to configure a device, I must admit that I feel bewildered. During the process I try to install a clean copy of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise a total of three times by following the four steps outlined in:


but it was useless because I was not able to start the agent apparently due to not having permissions or because the docker agent cannot be started.


I suppose that in the end I am leaving some nonsense but I don't know how to see it.

Have any of you had a fight with IoTEdge / IoT Enterprise, or generally go directly to Debian based system?


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Please make sure that you are running Windows version 17763, which is required to run Azure IoT Edge.


Terry Warwick



Of course, in any other case the agents would not work.

In this case the problem is given when add the device in IoTHub and this create a default configuration that doesn't work. (See my entry in GIT).


Anyway, this was in March, at the end I was trying with different platforms (Rasp / MinnowBoard / Intel) with Windows 10 IoTCore / Linux, and in all of them I could find different problems when updating the modules and have several matters uploading images/configuring from Visual Studio (cloud explorer).

The truth is that I spent many hours for little results and I have left it. If you are interested I have some devices configured and I can try to start again to share where I continue to have problems.

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I am sorry to hear of your struggles.  Might I suggest that you check out my IoT Show and blog that introduces a future strategy for IoT Edge on Windows IoT Enterprise that might have more success.


Terry Warwick