Sunday Surprise: Community Hall of Fame

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Welcome to another Sunday Weekend – Surprise!!!
Today, in this blog post, we are going to present the new Community Hall of Fame!!




As you know our old TechNet Wiki/Forum platform migrated to new Tech Community platform and almost all our old posts are migrated here. Many existing bloggers already got their place here and they started writing their next posts. We all are loving our new home called Tech Community.


As you aware, we had blog authoring schedule for Wiki / Forum and based on blog post themes we posted blogs.


Today, We are going to introduce a new way of appreciation for all bloggers who write a great and awesome posts for community and get them update all the time.


If you have not booked your place yet, please go and reserve your seat. Below is the link for Wiki and forum blogs,



Community Hall of Fame is the way to give them a badge of appreciation for their effort towards community. In this process we have our 1st update for Hall of Fame,



Kamlesh Kumar_1-1588512080070.png

@George Grammatikos 

White Youngling

Kamlesh Kumar_2-1588512080077.png


White Youngling

Kamlesh Kumar_3-1588512080084.png

@John Naguib 

White Youngling

Kamlesh Kumar_4-1588512080093.png

@Kamlesh Kumar 

White Youngling

Kamlesh Kumar_5-1588512080104.png

@Peter Laker 

White Youngling

Kamlesh Kumar_6-1588512080108.png


White Youngling

Congratulations to all these blog authors for gaining ranks this time round!

Best regards,


Read more about the Community Hall of Fame and the ranking system (coming soon)

See a full list of Community Hall of Fame

Join the Wiki Ninjas Group on Facebook

And if you want to get listed HERE, you'd better get busy!



Thanks @Kamlesh Kumar for publishing and managing the Community Hall of Fame :happyface:


This is another way we will give credit to these who contribute and lead the community.


Thanks to all the Community Wiki and the Community ninjas bloggers

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Nice idea, @Kamlesh Kumar.

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Bestow the glory!

Stories will be told!

Songs will be sung! <3

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Congratulations all, thanks @Kamlesh Kumar  for posting this and good to know that we're back and starting new things.

Thanks a lot @Kamlesh Kumar  nice work

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