Allowing anonymous presenters in Teams Live Events

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Microsoft will soon support allowing anonymous presenters in Microsoft Teams Live Events.


Using this feature you can:

  • Allow anonymous/external presenters
  • Manage settings while scheduling the live event

Read more about this feature & its release timeline at: Allowing anonymous presenters in Teams Live Events 




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Thanks for sharing with the community.
Much anticipated! Looking forward to have it :)
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You're welcome, hope you liked the article!
Goodness, I literally cannot wait for this. Going through the process and explaining setting up a Microsoft account with externals is not the best selling tool, as to why we are using the Live Event. This is great news. Cannot wait to see this go live so thanks @ganeshsanap

Hi @ganeshsanap 

Are you able to share how the anonymous users are identified and enabled on the meeting? Some time ago, Live Event had two separate URLs for producers and attendees. Then some time ago, those URLs were merged and today both of those are using the same URL to join to meeting.


Is it so, that tomorrow we start to have two URLs again? One for producers and one for attendees.

This feature was really helpful and was working perfectly for the last couple of months, but on Friday the "Allow external presenters" button disappeared and now anonymous users can no longer present in Teams Live Events. They once more need to be added to our Teams organisation, to be a member of a Team and using Teams as part of our organisation. Has anyone else experienced this same problem? Is it a temporary glitch or has Microsoft turned this feature off?