Configure Teams Phone System: Auto Attendant & Call Queue

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Step through the process of creating and deploying a Call Queue and Auto Attendant as part of Microsoft Teams calling using the Microsoft Teams admin center.

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Excellent step by step guide to configure queue and auto attendant.I did myselfand it was successful.The audio is great.The transcript is also cool.

One feedback.The screen where we do the config is small and so the characters appear small.If that cn be increased, it would be fantastic.

If I can get such type of hands on lab for Direct routing for Microsoft Teams, I would be very greatful.

Three cheers for the Team who planned and developed this.


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@JimSy  I am trying to figure out after hours setup for 2 different scheduled times.  Not sure if this is possible with teams auto attendant.  What I want to do is after 5pm EST forward to our California office reception number and then after 8pm EST forward to our after hours answering service.  Is this possible to setup?  Our old phone system had time of day rules that allowed forwarding depending on time of day.  Any help would be appreciated.  I want to work this out before I port the numbers over.





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