Automate your Planner tasks workflow
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Learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate to customize your Microsoft Planner tasks workflow for your organization.

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@MelissaBathumThank you so much for the video! it was really helpful. My only question is.. 


When you automate the "when a task is completed" it doesn't specify in what bucket, so when I go with the flow and then complete the new task it was recently assigned, does that task enter again on the flow? 


@mariapineda Good question - yes, this would create an infinite loop of sorts. You can avoid this by adding a conditional statement checking what the bucket name equals, before creating the new task! 

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Greate! thank you , if you have any chance could you insert some Screen shots on the statement checking I'm actually new at this :D
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Great video on automation. The screenshot of the other training videos at the end shows the wrong video with the arrow “you just watched this video”
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hey is there any office hour hosted for this? could you please share?

also any VSO task integration available / planned? @MelissaBathum 

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Instead of using forms for task entry in planner, is there a function where an email could enter the workflow? 


Example: An email is directed to the web team with a feature request, and it is brought into the planner, and dropped into a category of "feature request" for additional review, analysis, and build out.


There is a level of automation that I would like to support through human and machine data inputs into planner.


Many thanks!

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