Architecting your intelligent intranet with SharePoint global navigation, hubs, and site designs

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Discover the exciting improvements we’re bringing to help you architect and deploy an intelligent intranet with SharePoint. From simplifying way-finding for users across all of SharePoint including global navigation, to organizing your intranet with hubs, to unlocking new branding capabilities, and establishing sites with consistent structure and functionality. Come learn best practices for how to leverage these capabilities to implement an information architecture that connects the digital estate

This was a very well done video. Great content all around!
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Thanks for the inspiring session. Do you have any information on the roadmap for all the new features that you have shown?

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@MelissaBathumGood stuff. A couple of questions:

1. Is this true Global navigation:  the same navigation will be visible on all of my Hubs sites?

2. What is the best way to convert what we created as a Home site before SharePoint Home sites came to be?

3. When will all this goodness be available?


@RGranderath Thanks for watching, happy to hear you found it inspiring. :smile: We posted the roadmap slide on twitter




@Deb_W Thanks for watching the session!

1. The app bar will show up on all your modern communication and team sites.

2. If your existing site that you were deeming a home site, is a communication site then all you need to do is mark it as a home site officially (here is how to do that). If your existing site is classic, you can either look to transform your site or start building a new communication site and once its ready swap it out to make it the root. 

3.  The roadmap was posted here

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Hi @MelissaBathum 

I was able to watch the video yesterday but somehow it seems to be broken this evening. This is what I am seeing for the video now:


Help please!


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@MelissaBathum can't find this session anywhere today. The video is private and it was removed from the schedule. :sad: 

Is it possible to make it available again? 

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Cannot see it !


@gauravmahajan , @joaoferreira@rorsino the video has been fixed. You should be able to see the video now. Thanks for watching! :smile:

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Nice way to create a seamless design between SharePoint Online and MS Teams. Really looking forward to be using SharePoint global navigation, Thank you for the video!

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@MelissaBathum SharePoint app Bar: what about multilingual support?


1) Global Navigation authored by Home Site owners in can be translated?

2) In which language is showed contents (global nav, news, site, files) inside SharePoint app bar (user preferred language? Browser language? Site default language?)

3) How does SharePoint app Bar interact with modern multilingual feature?

  • i.e. If current language is Italian, My Reccomended News are Italian?
  • i.e. If SharePoint app bar is showed in a site with multilingual support, app bar content follows the language selected by user in the language selector?

The new features are so we expected for large organizations, where anyway the multilanguage support is critical for adoption.


Thank you!

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@MelissaBathum Very nice video and great explanation and features! I do have two questions...


  1. How do the Teams sites associated with Yammer Communities fit into the intelligent Intranet architecture?
    As an example, we have a hub site for HR, but HR also has a Yammer Community for all employees to interact with HR and that Yammer Community also comes with its own HR SharePoint site.
    Ultimately we would like to have one HR SharePoint site, as a hub site, that is also connected to the Yammer Community as well. @DennisAgusi 
  2. What is the future of the SharePoint start page at .../_layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx? With the introduction of the Global Navigation bar, this page becomes redundant. We would rather have the SharePoint item in the Office 365 applauncher to bring our users to our home site.



Hi @MelissaBathum 

Great video - all very exciting, can't wait for the global navigation.  Could you please advise the Feature ID reference in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for the global navigation?  I've searched but I can't find it and would love to be able to keep track of its status.

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@MelissaBathum Thanks for this video - it's been really helpful when rebuilding our intranet - I can't wait for the Teams integration! 

I was wondering if you'd be able to help? We've created our intranet on a communications site, made it our root site, set it up as our home site and assigned it as a hub site so we can start to build it out.

We're REALLY interested in the global navigation option, which I thought would be made available to us once we'd assigned the site as the home site, but we're not able to access this. Are we doing something wrong?

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I don't see site templates when I go to Settings  @MelissaBathum 



Thanks for a great video. 

  1. When we will be able to connect multiple hub sites together ( Hub association)?
  2. Still, I cannot see site temples when I go to settings.



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Thank you for video and making plan for scenario based site template.

I have few questions, your response would be appreciated :smile:-

  1. How this will affect the organization's current planning, specially for those who are already onboarded on SP online ?
  2. How do we need to prepare ourselves so that we can plan smooth transitions for our users?
  3. When this feature will be rolling out and will be available for us?
  4. Will the 'Site Template' feature/setting be based on some feature activation ?
  5. Apart from site collection admin, which role will have access to this setting? 

@microsoft  @MelissaBathum @nipW 

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@Brajendra I don't know if you ever got or found the answer to this.  I have the same question on who will be able to utilize setting site templates available from the Organization tab. I went through the video but didn't see where it's identified as to the Role in the tenant, or the Permission Level in SharePoint Online. I didn't see it in any documentation for the commands or such, including from what's in/under this: SharePoint site design and site script overview | Microsoft Docs

The List templates message I'd recently received notes "Custom list templates can only be uploaded by a SharePoint administrator for Microsoft 365"...  so I would assume it's going to be the same when both are available to our tenant - that a SharePoint admin role-holder (SharePoint admin role) will need to do it/manage this, in the tenant.

@MelissaBathum - will only SharePoint admin role-holders have the ability to set templates for use under the Organization section?

Thank you.

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