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Well rounded MS Exchange engineer and systems administrator. Proficient in Microsoft solutions and network architecture, systems engineering, management, and administration as well as programming and development solutions. Experienced in all phases of project management and development life cycles. Sociable, communicative, conscientious and dependable. Keen analytical and deductive reasoning skills enable successful troubleshooting of complex issues whether code, systems or people. Positive attitude – top performer. -Skilled in O365, Microsoft Solutions, Active Directory, PowerShell, custom solutions development, messaging services, implementation, and complex migration scenarios. -Experienced Windows Systems Engineer who can assist with architectural design, implementation, integration, and support. -Sociable, friendly, and communicative leader. -Adaptable, introspective, with strong analytical and deductive reasoning skills. -Excellent communication and leadership skills; experienced in all aspects of project management and business/department management. -Experience in contract negotiation, legal requirements, proposals, business agreements, and managing budgets, managing staff and forecasting. -A broad range of experience in communications, IT, Operating Systems, Networks, Storage and data transfer. -Strong working knowledge of Internet Technologies, Internet of Things, and Network Security. -Experience working in a large corporate environment (>20,000 users) while adhering to corporate policies regarding security, audit, and change control processes. -Experience leveraging PowerShell in management of Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint and all Microsoft/3rd Party Products that support PS. -Skillful use of PowerShell for migration, configuration, and administration of Windows network, database, and messaging environments. -Experience in scripting to automate any required process and increase efficiency. -Responsible for analysis and planning of environments and systems, and migration planning. -Combines troubleshooting tools and experiences to solve critical issues. -Capable of understanding systems and the required components for communication and interoperability.

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