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Brian Tirch has over 20 years of IT experience working in many roles throughout his career. Brian holds a BSIS degree with a concentration in networking and has been a contributing author and technical editor for several books over the years. Brian holds many industry certifications and spent 4 years as a technical trainer teaching courser like A+, Network+, and the MCSE curriculum. Before joining Microsoft Brian was one of a few hundred people in the world holding the title of MVP for Microsoft Exchange. During that time, Brian worked with industry to develop and review the certification exam material and hosted a popular blog. Most of Brian’s career has been working in the Department of Defense where he spent much of his time advising senior leaders. Brian has worked for several large companies like EMC (now Dell-EMC) and was an infrastructure Architect in the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) for 9 years. Brian is currently the CTO for Microsoft’s Homeland Security Division where he works with senior leaders in DHS and DOE to achieve business and technical outcomes.

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