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Bill Karagounis is a General Manager in the Enterprise Mobility & Management team with the Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft. As part of this role, Bill and his team are responsible for delivering a great end user experience, a monitored secure environment, and managing PC endpoints for corporations that are in the process of digital transformation and customers of the Microsoft Managed Desktop service. As a part of his organization’s responsibilities to deliver a modern workplace that is both empowering and secure, Bill leads the engineering and strategic development of Microsoft Managed Desktop in addition to working with his colleagues across Microsoft 365 to share learnings and improve experiences for all Microsoft enterprise customers. Bill’s team prides itself on being customer-focused, data-driven, highly diverse and operating with a growth mindset. Since joining Microsoft in 1995, Bill has held a variety of roles in the field and engineering organizations at Microsoft. These roles include Engineering Director for Microsoft Operating Systems, product owner of the Windows Insider Program, Group Program Manager of audio, video and camera platforms, Group Program Manager of Operating System Performance, Sales Director for the Visual Studio Tools business and Managing Consultant working directly with enterprise customers. Prior to Microsoft, Bill spent 5 years at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) as a strategic technology consultant. In his spare time, Bill loves driving fast cars, playing guitar/bass and travelling.

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