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Yogesh is the Group Manager leading the Crypto, Identity & Authentication PM team in Azure Core OS organization. He is passionate about building great end user experiences that enable users to be productive and safe. As part of his current role, he is driving the mission to create a world without passwords and to build a secure authentication platform for the hybrid cloud and intelligent edge. He is responsible for the product investments (such as credential protection, cross-platform crypto, certificate management and authentication for IoT/Containers/VMs) and platform fundamentals (such as reliability and performance of authentication) which are critical to the Azure business. He leads strategic efforts to improve authentication experiences & drive business growth in verticals such as retail, healthcare and education. Prior to this role, Yogesh contributed to several areas in security including Crypto, PKI, BitLocker and Enterprise Data Protection (now known as Windows Information Protection) in Windows 10. Yogesh holds a MS in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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