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Enhancing my already established experience in IT Strategy and Training and Development, I have recently fulfilled my passion of life-long learning with a PGCE Computer Science Teaching qualification. I currently work within the secondary school environment which is helping to hone my skills in curriculum managing, LMS management, VLE utilisation, planning, structuring, assessing and delivering training of complex ideas to students of all abilities and enthusiasm. I currently teach 350 individual students each week, ranging from 11 to 18 years which helps me experience from the front line how technology can really make an impact on day-to-day lives of students, parents, teachers, schools and other stakeholders. I am actively involved in technology education leadership forums, vocational guidance with students, hosting career development trips, and organising external presenters to the school to give students greater real-world exposure. I have extensive experience (20 years) in IT management, strategic planning, stakeholder analysis & mapping; change impact assessments; communication planning & stakeholder engagement; IT based Customer Experience management, user training & education; business processes and procedures & policy documents. I ran my own successful limited company for 8 years employing 6 full-time people. As sole Director I was fully responsibly for all elements of running the company, including HR, finance, legal and marketing. This exposed me to the nuances of what makes an organisation work and thrive. Combining all the above with my Msc in Organisational Psychology and Christian foundation allows me to empathetic and compassionately engage with individuals from varying perspectives. I am passionate about how education and technology can work together to enhance teaching and learning within the wider community.

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