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Tomislav Bronzin is (13th years in a row!) Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and founder of CITUS, Microsoft Silver Partner Company that is specialized in software development, consulting and training. He is leading CITUS Team and managing projects focused on Office 365, cloud computing and mobile solutions. Tomislav is trainer and speaker at Microsoft conferences like TechEd Europe, WindDays, MS NetWork, Sinergija etc. He is teaching at several universities and mentoring student teams for Imagine Cup Competition. Tomislav is organizer of conference (this year 10th in a row!) and he is helping organization of the largest MS Community Conference in the region - KulenDayz. Tomislav has been Microsoft Regional Director for 10 years (2003-2013), he is one of the founders of MS Community in Croatia, INETA Europe Vice President for Community Activities and Croatian Chamber of Economy IT Association Vice President. He is also entrepreneur and innovator that (with his team) has won over 50 international awards for his invention in IT, 3 patents and number of other recognitions. Tomislav has lead CITUS Team in developmend of number of innovative software products like, etc.

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