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An innovative accounting professional with extensive experience in financial statement audits: including risk assessment, internal controls evaluation, analytical procedures, data analysis, and preparation of audit reports. Proficient in performing roles and responsibilities independently or as part of a team, achieving value, managing risk, improving performance and the overall success of the organization. Having the vision to become a financial acumen in the information age, I spent over eight years in manufacturing, software, and IT services industries to gain technical know-how while conceptualizing future technological disruption in finance and global payment systems. As an early adopter of technologies for auditing practice at EY, one of the global Big Four Accounting firms, I earned the 1st EY badge for data visualization in the Asian region. My objective is to get exposed the beyond borders and secure a responsible career opportunity in a multi-national, multi-cultural environment to utilize my knowledge, experience and skills while making a significant contribution to the success of my employer. My career goals are getting exposed to the international business environment, gaining experience with multinational companies and utilizing my experience to earn a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently practising: Accounting, auditing, and data visualization Experienced in: Inventory control, costing, and payroll processing, Server and desktop applications for accounting, Business analysis in finance, manufacturing, and retail domains Software project management, Implementation of Sage ERP and Microsoft SQL Server

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