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PhD. Student in Physics (2018, Thesis term) Master Science in Physics, MSc. (1998) Physics & Science & Information Technologies Teacher (1999-2008) Occupational Safety Specialist (2016) Biophysics, Information Technologies & Health Information Systems & Bioinformatics Lecturer (2010 - 2014) Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, 2016 MIE Master Trainer, 2016 MIE Expert (2017 - ***) Editorial Board Member (15.10.2019 - ***) Author (2015 - ***), Blog Writer, 1999 Reviewer (2012 - ***) Scientific Writer (1995 - ***) (MIE, CK-12, Flipgrid, Nearpod, Adobe, Soundtrap, WeVideo, Newsela) Certified Educator T4 Country, Buncee Ambassador & Wakelet Community Leader Elsevier Group Member Scientific Interested Topics: Quantum Field Theory (QFT), Instanton, Conformal Field Theory (CFT), High Energy Physics (HEP), Particle Physics, High Magnetic Fields, Hydrocarbons Behaviour, Biophysics, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Cosmogony, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Programming Languages, Web Servers, Information Technology (IT), Software, Operating Systems (OSs), History of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Science and Technology Management, Leadership, Morals and Religion, Interdisciplinary Relationship, Health Information System (HIS), Occupational Safety, Data Bases, Big Data, Superconductivity, Medical Physics, Radioactivity, Internet of Things (IoTs), Mathematical Physics, Electronics, Intelligent Systems, Education, Physics Education, Philosophy of Physics, Book/e-Book Publish & Edit, CMS, SEO, E-Learning, LMS, L&D, Open Digital Badges, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency. Affiliation Scientific Journals, Duty at International Scientific Publications: Reviewer International Scientific Programs: Member of Technical Program Committee (TPC) International Papers: Mehmet Keçeci, "Discourse on the Second Quantum Revolution and Nanotechnology Applications in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic of Inequality", International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology. Vol. 9, Issue 5, pp 1-7, 2020 Keçeci, M. (2011). 2n-dimensional at Fujii model instanton-like solutions and coupling constant's role between instantons with higher derivatives . Turkish Journal of Physics , 35 (2) , 173-178 . DOI: 10.3906/fiz-1012-66 My Books:çeci/e/B00WH281P0

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