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Over 12 year’s experience in a fast-changing IT environment with experience in both the private and public sectors. I have a passion for problem-solving and how technology can deliver better business services and I love contributing to the IT community. I enjoy working in an environment where excellence is really expected. I believe what makes or creates that environment and truly makes it great is to be open when [the work] is not great. My best contribution is not settling for anything but good stuff, in all the details. That is my job — to make sure everything is great. I am a Microsoft Cloud Architect specialize in Cloud Identity, Hybrid Cloud or Mobility and Security for Enterprise Infrastructure and cloud management. I am passionate about technology and have an insatiable drive for learning. If you are thinking of implementing a Microsoft Cloud Identity, Hybrid Cloud or Mobility and Security solution for Enterprise Infrastructure and cloud management in your environment, let me help guide you to success!

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