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MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS EXPERT AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL offering 20+ years of successful experience in technology-based positions for various organizations. A technology expert and enthusiast with demonstrated ability to provide technical solutions that support an organization’s key business functions, improve operational efficiency and control costs. Consistently and effectively sell user adoption of new IT initiatives with consultations, demonstrations, training and persistent self-adoption and mastery of key products. Significant experience as a consultant for IT professionals and end users at all levels in use of technology. Up-to-date skills in a wide variety of emerging technologies including cloud-hosted business applications. Proven leader well versed in managing complex IT projects from concept to completion with exceptional results. Keen ability to analyze existing operations, develop customized technical solutions and sell them to decision makers to achieve organizational goals. Communicate and build rapport effectively with diverse groups of individuals. Possesses extensive hands-on IT experience and administrative background.

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