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Siunie has been with the Lync organization since 2005. Has tremendous experience in End-to-end user experience work & has a strong technical background, and has received several patents for her innovations. She shipped Enterprise Voice in Wave12, was the owner for Desktop Sharing and Online Meetings in Wave 13, and delivered the Lync Management console to the web in Wave 14. She lead the Lync Server 2013 Manageability team in Microsoft China, responsible for both the Online and on premise IT Pro User Experiences. She managed Skype for Business (SfB) IT Pro Partners, as well as delivered SfB Online user policies and RBAC. Assisted SfB Dedicated customers migration from their on-prem solution to SfBO. Currently, she is the Product Owner for Call Quality Dashboard and Network connectivity. Outside of work, she loves sampling different cuisines, practices yoga, and enjoys the great outdoors by hiking and cycling.

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