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Leadership Summary Intuitive detail oriented analyst. Excels at process improvement geared toward producing greater organizational efficiency and profitability. Exceptional expertise in expense reduction. Cross-functional management understanding and support. Collaborative and participative management style. Leads people to greatness through mentoring and training. Develops business by building relationships and utilizing world class customer service. Cultivates models and finds creative solutions for solving difficult problems. Calm and cool in crisis. Achievements •Lead an organization in the planning, financial management, human resources, risk management and office management areas along with third party oversight of legal, tax, banking, payroll, sales tax, health insurance and liability insurance. •Saved nearly $100,000 for a nonprofit company by renegotiating leases, changing credit card processor,updating vendors and renegotiating previously executed agreements. •Isolated $40,000 cost savings by changing a payroll provider and upgrading operational systems. •Streamlined accounts payable by implementing systems saving 25% of employee time. •Saved $12,000 by producing in-house employee manual. •Oversight of risk management department that saved$36,000 by introducing new interstate trucking program. •Increased branch deposits of a community bank by $5million through business development efforts. •Marketed Rose Bowl t-shirt design judged as best design by 1995 Rose Bowl Committee. •Represented Nike, Inc. as a professional athlete in road racing and distance running. Earned 9th place finish and 3rd American at the 1981 New York City Marathon. Was a 3-time Olympic Trials qualifier.

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