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Having been sucked in to the world of SharePoints with a Project Server project back in 2004, Kevin soon became hooked. From developer, to infrastructure owner to project manager and advocate primarily in Financial Services, Kevin now works as a Solution architect for CPS in the Office 365, Teams and SharePoint space and retains a passion for how AI and Machine Learning can aid collaboration and Digital Workplaces. Things have got so bad that he even has a PowerApp for a kitchen calendar. Kevin blogs on Digital Workplace topics on his own blog (, co-hosts the GreyHatBeard podcast ( and is a regular contributor to the monthly #collabtalk discussions. Kevin's passions sit with creating solutions that make it easier for people to be more productive and be able to help themselves. Outside of work, he juggles his three boys with helping to run his local Cub pack, occasionally forcing PowerPoint presentations on the poor kids and trying to convince them to code.

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