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22 years ago, I was almost on my way to Law School. I purchased my first computer my junior year of college to assist writing term papers, and inadvertently launched myself into one of the most exciting industries unleashed on the planet. I was whisked away from the hills of East Tennessee and began a 20+ year journey that had me developing, designing, and architecting some very interesting, large-scale enterprise systems. Along the way, I worked with fantastic people from around the world, lead global teams, and advised business and technology decision makers across several industries, including high tech, manufacturing, health & life sciences, insurance, oil and gas, and finance. I’d do anything to get out of taking the LSAT. Currently, I am a Cloud Technology Specialist working for Microsoft in Nashville, TN. The Cloud has the potential to be the single most disruptive force in computing today, but many companies are entrenched behind a “pre-cloud” mindset that will make it difficult for them to understand and harness the Cloud’s unique benefits. My role as a Cloud Specialist is to understand your concerns, help you understand a myriad of topics (security, compliance, governance, identity, etc.) and help you map a path to quickly realizing the Cloud’s value. Born in Jackson, raised in Cleveland, schooled in Chattanooga, and currently living in Nashville, I thrive off the natural beauty and energy of the Volunteer State – Tennessee is a great place to work and raise a family. In my spare time, I volunteer in both technical and charitable organizations, play guitar (who in Nashville DOESN’T?), dabble in open source software, and lament over the current state of Tennessee football (collegiate and pro)… although Butch Jones has me hopeful. If you want to learn more about what I can do for you specifically, please contact me via LinkedIn.

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