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I am a person in whom my parents vested a never ending desire to learn, respect everybody, be fair and reasonable, have fun and work hard. My fascination with IT started as a child putting all my savings into then-available calculators and early version of computers. As a student I enjoyed to participate in a course called 'algorythmic' - it was one of the first university courses on programming (algol-68) in The Netherlands at that time. I studied biology and process technology and earned a doctorate in chemistry. As PhD student I ran cables through the department to connect my experimental setup to the secretary's PC - running some code in high memory to run my experiment in an automated way. For the next 30 years I was wondering when we would evolve from IT as an accelerator of what we already did towards a paradigm changing technology that serves people to better deal with the ever complex reality in ways we would not have foreseen 30 years ago. With the current pathway Microsoft choose to take, with devices such as made by Apple, we have arrived at that paradigm changing IT reality. I am now a seasoned executive who believes in the infinite game as business framework, who decided to initiate another career change aimed at guiding other executives to make their business a better places for their employees, sustainable, able to transform and more profitable as a consequence. I am deeply convinced that the Azure platform and all services build upon that foundation is the ultimate platform/ecosystem/information world that is allows me to successfully achieve my new career goals and face up to any challenges may bring.

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