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My passion and focus is the use of digital technology to facilitate innovation; to drive increased efficiency, revenue and profit. I formed Digital Infusions in 2011 as a consultancy specialising in digital strategy and have since worked across the globe with large organisations, and industries, to help realise their strategic digital advantage. In 2010 I developed the BITIL™ Framework to assist organisations drive innovation from key audiences using social technology (Employees, partners and customers); this was listed by Yammer UK as the #1 piece of thought leadership in the area of innovation and social media. The BITIL™ framework has since been adopted by many organisations across a variety of sectors, and now forms the basis for the approach we take in developing scalable and measurable digital strategies and transformations. With strong experience in the corporate sector, I am extremely familiar with the needs and challenges of innovating within an established hierarchy. As an experienced entrepreneur, I continue to live the commercialisation process and am intimately aware of the complexities of ideation. The combination of this experience provides my clients with a perspective that is pragmatic, action orientated and focused on delivering profitable outcomes. With deep experience in business strategy, technology, design thinking, business model innovation and lean start-ups I am uniquely positioned to develop business focused strategies that span both traditional and emerging modes of technology. I am also a founding industry member of the University of Sydney’s Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) and speak regularly on Emerging Trends, Business Strategy, Enterprise Social, Gamification and Rapid Innovation.

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