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Hi, My name is Shelly Avery, I am a wife, mother and technologist. I enjoy connecting with all types of people. I especially have a heart for young working women and moms, I understand how difficult it can be to have proper work life balance. I can't say I have it all figured out but surrounding yourself with high-achieving people that are striving for the same goals is a much easier way to go through the challenging times than when you are on your own. I don't believe you have to compromise being a loving wife, a caring mom, or kicking butt at your job. From a business perspective, I thrive at helping people and companies. I grew up with technology in my hands and using it comes natural to me. I want to empower people with technology to make their work-lives easier. Sometimes this means working with C-levels and Sr. Management to build a case for the line-of-business and proving there is value in the technology, and I am OK with doing that. I will be your technology champion.

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