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11+ years of experience working across various software products, programs, projects & technologies, Pradeep currently works as a Sr. Cloud Consultant & CoE (Centers of Excellence- Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365 & Power Platform) Manager while in the recent past worked in accelerating the cloud migration planning & analysis landscape within a SaaS product development and management team. In the previous role, Pradeep managed & led Microsoft Cloud Team to implement and drive cloud adoption across major cities in Nepal. Prior to this, worked on core infra primarily on planning, designing and implementing Active Directory Domain Services, Virtualization, Email infrastructure management services, IPBX and CRM infrastructure leveraging the world class applications and platforms. Pradeep has experience managing and leading projects across different industry verticals including Banking & Financial services, government, education, non-profit & UN agencies in Nepal. Prior to joining in server deployment & project management roles, Pradeep holds extensive experience in running & leading Microsoft's global flagship programs for university going students like Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Program, Dreamspark & also led Academic Programs thru a self-initiated network of colleges and universities. Pradeep also leads Nepal Cloud Professionals- an independent group of IT/ Software Development professionals, solution providers and industry thought leaders that aims in driving new ideas and provide consultations in cloud computing from business and software development perspectives. In the past, Pradeep founded Windows Server based Professional User Group- WinServer Community- WSC in Kathmandu, Nepal for 6+ years where over 6000+ professionals benefited from meetups, workshops, conferences & other events helping technical community to stay updated, learn and share Cloud and Data Center based products & technologies. In 2016, Pradeep was awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award by Microsoft Corp, USA. Pradeep tweets @PradeepKandel.

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