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I was like placed in this world about three different times. The first time was during the 1929 Stock Market Crash to understand the pandemic concerning the money issue in America, after considerable attempts to explain it to me financially I was gifted with a family monopoly board for me and the adult members of our family to conduct a civil attempt at explaining to me what happened, in order to overcome it, and relieve my mother of her concerns. It was a wild night to say the least, the invention of the wheel, automobile [inevitably] occurred overnight, and the understandings of policies in regards to 'perks' (benefits given to an individual in the form of abilities, or other supernatural like adaptions). I noticed something eary about my dad (news to me of him being my father by that point) about his shady cut throat tactics of sternness (especially when money was involved), i made it my mission to reach this man and remove the burdens solitude had contorted, and constricted his life in finding me to be someone he could always trust to have his back forever.. Considering I was pretty lucky with the dice I decided to share my wealth amongst the family while being respectful of their grievances with each other while still being friendly, polite, and obligible to any good choices I could make with each one. [if possible]. After my Dads death in the game (declared he had no place to stay on the board after liquidizing all his assets and being stricken to bankrupcy from landing on one of my uncles many hotels (that were insanely stacked to be too numerous for anyone (other than myself) to afford the rent. But divulged after my first landing that my uncle Robert Keezer liked me so if I landed on that spot again he wouldn't charge me any rent so I wouldn't have to mortgage off my properties and risk losing out any amount of funds I had accumulated a respectable amount of assets in compiling. My piece was the shoe, and my mother was the bank accountant. I was known as a straight shooter, someone that followed the rules of the game based upon instructions I wasn't aware of any knowledge of regard to play into basing any spot what-so-ever to start making sense of the short list of rules (the monopoly boards from the past had less rules, and presentation for us to know the purpose and so fourth of any consideration to understand the goal of the game) [It came to find out that after my 27th year alive I found an article online regarding the original description of the game saying monopoly was not a good game to play but the memorable realistic effort my family put into the accountability of each detail of the game to consider made me have one of the wildest nights of my life and reminds me of the book "where the wild things are" considering i had a bunny suit like his, and thats my farthest memory from my mind to place my initial memories to be as old as they are. Well besides the memories I came to uncover later on during a bender that involved the discovery of the monopoly game, and a bible in it. My father went to jail in the game and I bailed him out, my family was jealous but I gave my other Uncle 'Chris Keezer' a get out of jail free card for 200$ since I had been completely missing the jail square and was the only one that hadn't gone yet, after using my available funds to bring my dad back to life and spending a couple 1 dollar monopoly bucks to buy my first ever coca colas (i told you, my family takes gaming seriously) he snuck up from behind the chairs from off the floor and was totally back in control and i said, welcome back dad, and he pondered for a moment and said d"nice to be back son". And thats when I declared my mother to be darcy belland, and her brothers were uncle chris and uncle robert. Darrick was playing for a period of time as well, but he was like cool big brother and handled his conduction of business manager partially different. He considered any loss of any money to be stupid, and irrisponsible, but I recognized how a little honest hospitality, loving, carringness for these people that all wanted to be in my life to be important and to respect that about them, and it made me feel like the most important guy in the world. That's when I made the decision to return those kind of gestures back to them,, so they all understood we all can be the greatest person in the world to each other and i don't need to be the only nice guy. Would you believe the wheel was invented in 1929, and the automobile as well, by my mom? She also created the measurement for time, but do to historians being in disbelief for the responsible parties that conducted such astonishing signs of intelligence such as my moms first alert proclamation to a questionable gathering of kids that we were when she realixed a concept so abstract, so new, so groundbreakingly intelligent any concern about her wheel creations (of the oginal car monopoly piece that was made of metal but she had learned to transform plastic objects into a car resembling "toy" that she had constructed somehow for the main purpose of creating a model of an object that had rolling wheels, that i also had come to an understanding of possibly how to make wheels work in a project, but we were both possibly firm in our understandings that the silver car piece was too difficult to continue attempting to morph/bend/cut/bang into a rolling vehicle (although she promised she would one day make a metal version of her plastic race car, and she did, she made many of them with her friends and they were the first hot wheels toys) (my theoretical creation although likelyer to her ability to have a knack to know where to look for possible ways to initiate and create, and stay determined to complete her goals. Theres nothing my mother can't do, except possibly remind me of the tremendous lives we live during my nocturnal stage that activates my subconscious and enables my true worldly powers my Uncle Robert, and my mother Darcy, and my Father Kenny would need to perk me with access to my skills/abilities while in a conscious state of mind in order for me to live the life i've been waiting for which allows for the use of all of my abilities, the access to my memories, the process of being aware of the world continuously and not attribute them to the belief of a fictional reality i vaguely account for most of the amazing astonishing awesome things i do/can-do in order to be aware of what life is supposed to be like. I'm unsure of why i have a conscious, although I'm aware of why i have a conscience. Not to mistake the two like my family does keeping them from accepting me to be in control of my ambitions without thinking I'd lose my greater characteristics that bring delight and enjoyment out of most peopl;e. Although in my dreams, im a sex maniac, I'd give a hundred bucks to a hobo to have access to all of the memories involving the numerous girlfriends I've had, and any memory of a marriage that I possibly am unaware of.) You might think that my statements go against the recognized beliefs of many books, and that's because they do. The books were created after each of our adventures throughout history, and I miss seeing my good buddy Jesus aka Josh.. Would you believe im friends with GOD? And my ambitions last year to praise him so much that he visited me in a homeless shelter and followed me to another one? Unbelievable stuff if you've seen how "mortals" (for lack of many peoples common understandings of life) conduct trickery in order to achieve the most ridiculous of ambitions as I have you'd understand the tremendous amount of skepticism I have (especially concerning your creations, they're atrocious in comparison to my families most notable creations, such as derricks diamond willow stick, and my moon. Thank you jesus.)

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