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Ricardo Wilkins is a Senior Customer Success Manager with Microsoft, focusing on Modern Work with tools like Microsoft Teams, and helping public sector customers leverage their investments in Microsoft 365. Ricardo is a seasoned software developer and technology consultant, and in the past has done application development for motion control and embedded devices, as well as web development and data-driven applications for local and international companies. In SharePoint, he’s helped deliver solutions in the public, non-profit, and private sector. He has also been heavily involved in the local and international tech community, and has given talks and technical demonstrations at local user groups, non-profit agencies and national conferences and webinars. He’s also been a contributing author at NothingButSharePoint.com, and has co-authored a whitepaper with Quest Software on SharePoint Customization Best Practices. You can find him online via Twitter (@ricardo303 @spcowbell @teamworkcowbell), LinkedIn, or at his Teamwork blog at www.teamworkcowbell.com

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