Adding members of a Microsoft 365 Group to a chat in Teams

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Currently our users are using Skype for Business Online and we are about to shift to Teams instead.

One of the features we are going to miss is the abillity to send an IM to a Microsoft 365 Group. 

This is possible in SfB and results in a group chat with all members of the Microsoft 365 Group.


We use this for groups of experts in our organization that all employees are able to write to with questions.


I'm not able to complete the same action in Teams. Am I missing something, or is it true that this is not a feature in Teams?


As alternative solutions I think it should be possible to convert the group to an open Team. Then all employees would be able to join the Team and post their questions in the general channel.


Any alternative ideas are very welcome.


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Peter Varberg

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You are correct! You can start a group chat including these people or use tags as well to create group chats but not groups unfortunately. So either that or create an open team for this group!

Hi! Adam
Thank you for answering my question.
The "tags"-solution sounds interesting.
Is there any other option of adding tags to a user than doing it in a Team?
Do I have to be part of the Team to start a chat with the group of user who has a specific tag assigned?
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Hi! Yeah, you have to be a member to utilize it in a group chat so the latter is probably better (team)
after a bit of testing I have found out that I'm only able to use the tags I create my self.
Using a seperate test account I have two Teams sessions, and If I add a tag to a user when I'm logged on as myself my test account, who is also a member of the Team, is not able to use the tag.

I'll try to sell the "Open Team" solution. Maybe considering switching to Yammer for this exact scenario.