Universal Print not loading the correct drivers

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We have successfully installed the Universal Print and have successfully connected the main print Queue that we need to deploy.  It was created on our Print Server with the correct Drivers from Sharp.  When it gets pushed to the machines, it comes loaded with a Microsoft universal print driver that is not what we need it to be.  Please advise on how this can be resolved.


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@jerebrow Since Windows 10 October 2018 release, Windows natively supports the Mopria printing standard, which minimizes the need to worry about which printer driver to use or managing the correct driver version.  Universal Print leverages this same concept so on the client device, you don't need to worry about which printer driver to install.


The OS built-in Microsoft Universal Print driver is the correct one.


Are there specific print options that you need which are missing?

Yeah, i'm not saying it doesn't work, but the Sharp Driver allows all of the features that we're used to using on all of our 65 MFP's.  The interface Sharp uses allows for better control of the MFP.  @Jimmy_Wu 

Hole punch is one feature we need and it auto stapled a document for me today, and the option to take stapling off is not available..  We only need one Queue for everyone to use, i'm hoping this can be adjusted.@Jimmy_Wu 

@jerebrow Sorry about the trouble you are having with the forced stapling.  We are actively investigating a fix to the finishing options to avoid the forced stapling problem.

So, is there any hope of getting the Sharp driver as the main driver?


@jerebrow Thanks for your understanding.  Universal Print is designed to support both Windows 10 and Windows 10X, as well as non-Windows OS devices.  We continue to investigate how to best support custom printer driver features and enabling printer manufacturers to provide these customization functionality.

@jerebrow At this time, the ability to use a printer manufacturer's Windows driver as the main driver is not supported.  We are investigate how to enable printer manufacturer to create extensions that our driver will call into.

is there a way to set the defaults of the driver to be Single Sided and Monochrome.  Instead of having to set that preference on each individual machine that installs it?  That is a default setting that we use to limit our printer costs.


@jerebrow Yes, you can set the defaults for the printer through our online management portal.  It is done for each printer separately.


  1. Click on the printer of interest
  2. Click on "Printer properties" menu item on the left of the screen
  3. Click on "Printer Defaults" tab in the middle portion of the screen
  4. Make changes as appropriate
  5. Click the "Save" button on the top

Please see attached screen capture for reference.

What if those are greyed out

@jerebrow In general, it means that the cloud service could not find the corresponding printer capability defined in the printer driver installed on the Connector machine.  There could be a number of different reasons.  Please reach out to support as it'll require some investigation to identify the root cause.