Universal Print Connector Error when registering Printers

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I've installed the PrintConnector on our Print server, when I try and register any printers (HP, Canon, Sharp,ect).. It comes up as failed. In the event viewer, we see (listed Below)


Has anyone else seen this or may know a way around it? I tried on a second Print server and same results.


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"System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Windows.Foundation.IAsyncOperation`1<Windows.Devices.Enumeration.DeviceInformationCollection> Windows.Devices.Enumeration.DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(System.String, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1<System.String>, Windows.Devices.Enumeration.DeviceInformationKind)'.

   at ProxyLibrary.Printer.<GetSystemProperty>d__68.MoveNext()

   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.AsyncTaskMethodBuilder`1.Start[TStateMachine](TStateMachine& stateMachine)"

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@Ron Mckerral

Does the machine where the connector is installed meet the prerequisites outlined here: ?

This is an expected error if the pre-reqs are not met. Older OS versions don't have the required APIs. Hence, the "MissingMethodException".



Thank you, that was the problem. It didn't meet the server requirements.


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