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I'm developing a custom UP Connector and the communication flow with the Infrastructure Printer and the Notification Service described in the IPP-Infra spec works quite well.

However, I've registered a printer that doesn't support "application/oxps" as a document format: the connector talks straight to the Output Device via IPP, not using the printer's driver (which I reckon would be able to handle such a format). The Output Device does support "application/pdf" though, but when I try to print a document from a user account the printer had been shared with, it results in an error.

The document conversion is enabled on the Management Portal and the client Windows version is 10.0.19042 Build 19042.

Are there additional steps to follow to leverage the conversion feature?


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@Gianvito_Difilippo I recall the Windows client build you are using is the Windows 10 October 2020 update.  That release supports printing in PDF format to a printer that supports PDF through IPP.  You should not require the Document Conversion functionality.  You can verify the set of document format specified by the printer by using the Universal Print admin portal and look at the printer's properties.  Under the "Printer Defaults" tab, you should see "Content type" and in the drop down, select "application/pdf".


BTW, looks like you have some control over what the printer is specifying to Universal Print on its capabilities.  If this is the case, you can omit setting "application/oxps" as a support document format since your application is sending the print job to the printer over IPP in PDF format.




@Jimmy_Wu hello Jimmy, thanks for your response.

We solved our problem by adding the IPP attribute "media-col-supported" in the registration step. This attribute seems to be missing in the list of supported printer attributes, but one of your developers kindly provided us with a more exhaustive list.

We didn't think that could be the cause of the error since oxps printers worked fine, but now we can also print to PDF and PCLm printers.


We are truly grateful for your support,


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