Universal Print available for Microsoft 365 E3 and A3!


Today we’re expanding the Universal Print public preview to include Microsoft 365 E3 and A3 subscriptions. Office 365 E3 and A3 subscriptions are not eligible at this time.


To learn more, please read accessing the Universal Print public preview for step-by-step instructions, support links, and FAQ. And don’t forget to participate in discussions and share your ideas and feature requests with us as you try it out.


As of today, the following subscriptions are eligible to enter the preview:

  • Microsoft 365 E3 and A3
  • Microsoft 365 E5 and A5

Let us know how it goes!
The Universal Print Team

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Is this available in all regions? Especially I am interested in Europe and UK?
Yes - its available in Europe and UK
Do you know when in September it will be coming to Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions?

@res-kizz We don't have a specific date to share yet, but if you want to know as soon as it launches, subscribe to notifications from this Universal Print Announcements section.

Universal Print available for Microsoft 365 E3 and A3! Need to rely on other subscriptions? “You can't use Universal Print Trial without a compatible primary subscription. Find compatible subscriptions.”@Braeden_Petruk_MSFT 捕获.PNG


Hi we've Office 365 E3 licenses, but don't have the option to enable it on the tenant.

Is there someting I missed?


@RoyvdSterren - no you haven't missed anything (well, apart from missing the trial). We are in the same boat, where we have individual O365E5, EMSE5 and Win10E5 licenses, i.e. essentially the licenses that make up the M365 E5 license, but we still won't be able to activate the trial until it becomes available for Win10E5. Also note, that if you just have O365E3, you won't get the trial according to the list at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/universal-print/fundamentals/universal-print-preview-access

You need either an M365 license or a WIn10 license. 




@Braeden_Petruk_MSFT Hello - could you please confirm which component it sits in under the M365 A3 Shared Server SKU? Is it Office 365 A3, EMS E3 or Windows 10 Ent for Education A3?

In your case you'd get it through your Windows 10 A3 subscription.
Thanks @BraedenP - I have had them try assign the Windows 10 A3 Subscription but it provides a message stating they are not eligible for the universal print subscription. They have M365 A3 as the Shared Server SKU but not the Unified Shared Server SKU but it doesn't matter as they are both M365 A3 so it should work. Can you please advise what the issue is?

@YM-10 I sent you a PM to collect the necessary details to fix your problem.

@Braeden_Petruk_MSFT hi Braeden, one of my customer is interested in Universal Print. Their current print server is hosted on Windows 2008, and they would like to confirm if Universal Print doesn't print server, and will it be easy for them to switch to Universal Print from their current infra. 


@Braeden_Petruk_MSFT Hi I replied back with the information are you able to provide next steps?

Hello all. Is Universal Print preview available for Microsoft 365 E5 CSP subscriptions? Thank you.

@Braeden_Petruk_MSFT - The Universal print is not available on our tenant either, despite that we have Windows 10 Enterprise E5 licenses for our users. I do not see it on the list of available products, nor does the link work for activation. 


How can I get this working? 




@res-kizz Available today:-) let us know how it goes



This is quite a shame because as a microsoft partner with an active, paid action pack, you get the Office 365 E3 / EMS etc. but you won't be able to add the universal print service. Punch in the face for MS partners again.

@Andreas Hagendorf

With one license of Microsoft 365 F3 (the cheapest license I could find, that opens up the option to enable Universal Print), you can enable Universal Print on a CSP tenant.


Is there confirmation at this stage as to whether or not Microsoft 365 Business Standard customers will have Universal Print included as an add-on (or inclusion) when it exits public preview?