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 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I think a small personal footer under each post would be a nice thing. Not much, just space to add some personal text like:


Best regards,

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However let me know your opinions



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However, I do not support this idea!

it seems quite artificial for this community! 

under each post the same text - rather does not want it!

Some people use such footer and that is quite annoying. As for the sample

- I know who posts, why it shall be repeated with Best regards ?

- "no system is safe" or "I know nothing by I tried to help you" as I've seen, etc - consider that as a spam without any valuable information

- "mark as bets response". It was discussed here several times. I'm not fun of bets responses. What is best for one is not necessary the best for another person. See no practical reason in collecting best responses and push people to give them. As for me, only negative impact from such request.

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Hi Siergiej Bakłan I fully agree with your opinion!


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Thank you for your idea, while I broadly agree with the feedback you have received from other community members here I will leave this has a new idea to see if there are other members with different views.


Its probably worth noting you could record a 'standard' text in your macros and automatically insert that at the end of messages by clicking macros in the editor.

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Thanks Again