Creators and Intelligence welcome!

Creators and Intelligence welcome!



 Sep 02 2021
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Okay, you know how in Second Life the PC game you can design your own artifacts to use yourself and also you can sell them within the marketplace of Second Life… okay? What if there is an Xbox game where it's like the fashion industry, right? wait for it… wait for it… it's called Creator Industry. So you've got to design a Creator event from nothing. You've got your Avatar, you're a creator and you design artifacts for your character, you know, like all types of stuff, that that they wear, the catwalk, the artwork, the lighting, and the music. (Optional: Created away from the game in a DAW and saved as an MP3… uploaded via Bluetooth or USB)
So you have a soundtrack for your Creator Industry Event. This is a whole new world of online digital artifacts that are created, that can be worn, bought, traded, and sold for MicroLOCKE (Microsoft's proprietary Block Chain solution… MicroLOCKE, named in John Locke's sake, for the political philosophy, John Locke refuted the theory of the divine right of kings and argued that all persons are endowed with natural rights to life, liberty, and property and that rulers who fail to protect those rights may be removed by the people, by force if necessary, also, a play on the word LOCK… it's LOCKED into the ledger safe and secure. It could be used in other games, also. This crypto can be speculated, traded, sold, and bought in the real world too.)

And then this can transpose into virtual reality. So that when Xbox does VR and/or the PC side, or both do VR, they can have virtual events where the pass through is used and where they have controllers in their hands, right? They walk like say like six feet in their room then they do a turn and then they come back and they do whatever they want to with the the controllers. And it's like they're doing a virtual event with their own clothing, art, and music. They can sell this clothing, art, and music within this whole online market for virtual clothing, art, and music. they can be put on your avatar and your Xbox avatar. You can use it as your avatar throughout the Xbox ecosystem.

It will be even greater when the VR is is realized, right? Microsoft, so it's like this whole realm where it's just art, you know, you are the Creator and you create an industry event but also people can contribute to your Creator Industry Event via the Multiplayer Co-op side of it. When you're done upload it to the Catwalk Database and invite everyone to your Event

It can all be run on virtual currency that Microsoft has like I made up a while back called MicroLOCKE. I made that up a while back for that other game that I made up that is basically like an Intelligence game where you start out at the bottom and you work for an intelligence company and and it's in this fictitious world that is like Earth, like real life, and it's set present day and you use real life locations, like you do with flight simulator, but you use real world locations and it's not this world, all of the names of the countries and all the streets, all that is renamed.

It's all fictitious, all has pseudonyms. Then you build certain cities, flesh them out, you know, and then you have this espionage game where everything is done in MicroLOCKE. So you create this MicroLOCKE cryptocurrency for Microsoft and then you use it to run games, like the two that I've just mentioned, you know, and in creation thereof.
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Thanks for the idea! However, this space is only for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for Microsoft products. Sorry about that.

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